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Will the leads include phone number and email address?

Yes, they will! We understand the importance of complete and actionable data for real estate agents. Our commitment to quality ensures that you receive the most detailed and accurate seller leads in the industry.

What can you expect from our leads?

  1. Contact Details:

    1. 100% Phone Number: Every lead we provide comes with the homeowner's phone number, ensuring you have a direct line of communication. This means 100% of our leads will include phone number for the homeowner.

    2. 70% Email: Additionally, 70% of our leads are equipped with the owner's email address, offering you an alternative and often equally effective means of reaching out.

  2. Data Compilation: Our proprietary compilation method is unmatched in its depth and breadth. By harnessing billions of data points, we've crafted the most robust and accurate prospecting file available to real estate agents. This extensive data collection ensures that you're not just getting a list of names, but a comprehensive profile that can significantly enhance your prospecting efforts.

  3. Accuracy and Relevance: Our focus isn't just on quantity but also on the quality of the leads. By using our proprietary methods, we ensure that the leads you receive are both accurate and relevant to your needs. This precision ensures that you spend less time filtering out irrelevant leads and more time connecting with potential sellers.

  4. A Competitive Edge: In the competitive world of real estate, having detailed and accurate leads can give you a significant advantage. With our leads, you're not just getting contact information; you're getting a head start in your outreach efforts.