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What are the best phone dialers for real estate agents?

In the real estate industry, several phone dialer companies have gained popularity for their features and capabilities that cater specifically to the needs of real estate professionals.

Some of the most common phone dialer companies used in the real estate industry include:

  1. Mojo Dialer: Known for its power dialing capabilities and lead management features.

  2. RedX: Offers tools for prospecting, including a dialer system and targeted lead lists.

  3. Zoho CRM: Integrates a phone dialer into its CRM platform for seamless lead management.

  4. Vulcan 7: Specializes in expired listings and FSBO leads, offering dialing and lead information.

  5. Landvoice: Provides a dialer system along with targeted lead lists for prospecting.

  6. Dialpad: A versatile communication platform with voice calling and team messaging features.

  7. ArchAgent: Offers dialer features tailored to real estate agents' needs.

  8. Chime: A CRM with a dialer feature for lead management and automated follow-ups.

  9. XenCALL: A cloud-based call center software adaptable for real estate agents.

  10. DialMyCalls: Allows agents to broadcast voice messages and SMS reminders.

  11. MojoSells: Part of Mojo Dialer, offers pre-dialed leads and integration with CRM systems.

  12. Follow Up Boss: A CRM with a built-in dialer to streamline lead engagement.

  13. PhoneBurner: Offers power dialing, lead management, and automation features.

  14. Salesforce: Widely-used CRM that can be integrated with third-party dialer solutions.

  15. Five9: A cloud-based call center solution with auto-dialing features.

  16. Kixie: Integrates with CRMs and offers features like local presence dialing.

  17. RingCentral: Provides voice calling and team collaboration tools for remote teams.

  18. Velocify: Offers automated dialing and lead distribution for better efficiency.

  19. DialShree: A cloud-based call center software with predictive dialing features.

  20. Genesys Cloud: A contact center platform with dialer capabilities for sales teams.

When considering a phone dialer for your real estate business, it's essential to assess your specific needs, budget, and desired features. Each of these companies offers unique functionalities and benefits, so take the time to research and select the one that aligns best with your goals and workflow. Keep in mind that preferences can vary based on individual requirements and regional factors, so choose the solution that will best enhance your lead generation and communication efforts.

It's important to note that The Share Group is not affiliated with any of the phone dialer companies listed above. We serve as a dedicated resource to provide valuable information about these companies commonly used in the real estate industry. Our aim is to empower real estate professionals like you, by offering insights into various dialer solutions available in the market.