What are Downsizers or Empty Nesters?

The real estate landscape is evolving as Baby Boomers transition into retirement and "Gen-Xers" embrace the role of "Downsizers" or empty nesters.

In this article, we'll explore how this demographic shift is creating a hot market for downsizing homes.

The Rising Trend: Downsizing on the Horizon Baby Boomers and Gen Xers are capitalizing on the robust real estate market and seeking to downsize their residences. The term "downsizers," also known as empty nesters, aptly captures this trend of moving to more suitable and compact homes.

Numbers That Matter: A Growing Market Did you know that according to the U.S. Census Bureau, approximately 750,000 homes are sold each year by seniors pursuing downsizing? Astonishingly, this figure is projected to double in the near future, reaching over 1.8 million homes. Curious about the potential? Let's dive in.

Why Target Downsizers? These individuals are sitting on expansive homes that have housed their families. Often, these properties exceed the average size for the area. Now, the downsizers are ready to convert their equity and assets from these larger homes into more compact, cash-ready residences, often with a main floor bedroom.

Unlocking Opportunity: The Downsizers Advantage Here's the exciting part: this segment of downsizers presents an untapped goldmine for listing opportunities, often overlooked by competitors. These seniors possess desirable attributes—they have equity or fully paid-off mortgages, and likely haven't engaged a realtor yet.

Locating the Right Audience: Targeting Downsizers How do you zero in on these potential clients? Customizing your downsizer lead list is the answer. Utilize demographics such as geography, age, income, and home value to filter your leads. It's akin to wielding a secret weapon for precision targeting.

The Expert Advantage: Catering to Seniors Experienced realtors who understand the nuances of working with seniors and baby boomers have a competitive edge. Downsizers are seeking professionals who grasp their distinct needs and can adeptly guide them through this significant life transition.

A Transition of Emotions: Handling Downsizing Downsizing is an emotional journey, particularly for seniors. It marks a pivotal moment where they bid farewell to properties and possessions laden with sentimental value. As realtors, approaching this transition with sensitivity and empathy is paramount.

Empowering Your Downsizing Niche To succeed in this specialized niche, you require the right tools to connect with this promising market. Enter The Share Group. With a wealth of database marketing expertise spanning over a century, we're dedicated to assisting real estate professionals in securing valuable listings. No more sifting through leads that lead nowhere—we connect you with downsizing seniors actively seeking property transitions.

Embrace the Opportunity: Contact The Share Group Eager to tap into the flourishing downsizer market? Reach out to The Share Group today for accurate downsizer listing lead counts tailored to your market. Call us at (402) 235-4556 to initiate the process or schedule a complimentary strategy session with our data experts, who will guide you step by step. Let's ensure downsizing becomes a seamless and triumphant journey for your clients.

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