How many leads should I buy?

If you're asking, "How many leads do I need?", you're not alone.

For First-Timers:

If you're venturing into the real estate market for the first time or trying out our services, we typically suggest starting with a solid base of at least 3,500 records. This number provides a substantial pool to work with, allowing you to gauge the quality of leads and refine your approach based on initial feedback and results.

Purchase Options:

  • One-Time Purchase: Our real estate lead lists are available as a one-time acquisition. This is ideal for agents or realtors who prefer a bulk list to work with over an extended period.

  • Monthly Subscription: For those who prefer a steady influx of fresh leads, we offer monthly subscription options. You can choose between packages of 500 or 1,000 leads per month. This ensures you always have new potential clients to reach out to, keeping your pipeline active.

Flexibility and Freedom:

We pride ourselves on offering a hassle-free experience. With us, there are no binding contracts or long-term commitments. We operate on a simple principle: if our leads contribute to your success, we believe you'll return for more. Our goal is to empower you with quality leads that drive results.

Tailoring to Your Schedule and Strategy:

Ultimately, the number of leads you need hinges on your individual strategy and availability. Consider the following:

  • Prospecting Time: How many hours or days in a week have you dedicated solely to prospecting?
  • Call Duration: On average, how long does each call or interaction with a lead last?
  • Conversion Rate: Based on past experiences or industry standards, how many calls typically lead to a successful conversion?

By assessing these factors, you can estimate the number of leads you'll realistically be able to engage with and determine the optimal number for your specific needs.

While we provide guidelines and recommendations, remember that every real estate professional's journey is unique. Your strategy, dedication, and approach will play significant roles in determining your success. If you're ever in doubt or need personalized advice, don't hesitate to reach out. Our data experts are always here to guide you in finding the best solution for your campaign.