How are the leads compiled and where does the information come from?

Our process of compiling data is quite extensive as we gather datasets from a variety of sources. We carefully select these sources, both online and offline to ensure that our buyer & seller leads are accurate and reliable.

As a real estate agent, you understand the importance of having accurate and exclusive seller lead data. Our strategy for acquiring this invaluable data is unparalleled, ensuring you have an edge in the competitive real estate market.

We tap into a multitude of channels, many of which are unique to our database and not available with any other company. Traditional sources, such as county courthouse records and government agencies, lay the foundation. However, it's our specialized sources that set us apart:

  • Property Histories: Our database provides comprehensive ownership timelines, revealing potential sellers based on property holding durations and market trends.

  • Loyalty Programs: By tracking purchase histories and reward point accumulations, we can identify homeowners who might be preparing their homes for sale.

  • Local Subscription Services: Subscribers to local home and garden magazines or community newsletters often signal homeowners invested in their properties and could be potential sellers.

  • Neighborhood Demographics and Trends: We analyze shifts in local demographics, helping you pinpoint areas where homeowners might be looking to downsize, upgrade, or relocate.

In addition to our exclusive sources, we tap into a diverse range of trusted resources to ensure a comprehensive view of potential sellers:

  • Credit Bureaus: These institutions provide insights into homeowners' financial behaviors. By analyzing credit histories, we can identify homeowners who might be considering selling due to financial reasons, such as consolidating debt or downsizing. It also helps in gauging the financial health of potential sellers, ensuring you approach homeowners who are genuinely in a position to sell.

  • US Census Data: The US Census provides a wealth of demographic information. By examining trends in homeownership, family size, age distribution, and relocation patterns, we can predict neighborhoods or communities where homeowners might be looking to sell. For instance, areas with an aging population might see more homes being listed as residents look to downsize.

  • Postal Services: Change of address records and mail forwarding requests can be early indicators of homeowners considering a move. Additionally, analyzing patterns in direct mail responses can help identify homeowners who are more receptive to selling offers or real estate inquiries.

  • Opt-in Platforms: These are platforms where homeowners voluntarily provide their data, often in exchange for specific services or information. Examples include:

    • Home Valuation Websites: Homeowners curious about the current value of their property might be considering selling.
    • Real Estate Newsletters: Subscribers to such newsletters are often keen on market trends, indicating a potential interest in selling.
    • Home Improvement Forums: Active participants might be preparing their homes for a potential sale.
    • Local Community Surveys: Homeowners participating in community surveys might provide insights into their future living plans.

By leveraging these resources, we ensure that the seller leads you receive are not only accurate but also encompass a wide spectrum of potential sellers, increasing your chances of securing a successful sale.

Accuracy is our top priority. We've implemented a rigorous cross-verification process, comparing and validating information across billions of records from hundreds and sources to ensure the utmost accuracy. This means you can trust the leads you receive from us, knowing they are both exclusive and reliable.

Our commitment is to provide you, the real estate agent, with up-to-date, accurate, and actionable seller lead data. With our exclusive sources and meticulous verification process, you'll be equipped with the best leads in the industry, ensuring you stay ahead of the competition!